Sexting on this Juneau Alaska night

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Juneau, Alaska KINY - Ty Grussendorf was sentenced to 66 months in prison for two felony charges related to child sex abuse from incidents seven years ago. He was sentenced to 14 and a half years with nine years of the sentence was suspended. He was also labeled as a sex offender. He will also serve 10 years on probation. Defense expert Dr. Mark McClung, a forensic psychiatrist from Seattle, examined and evaluated Grussendorf on two occasions. He testified that Grussendorf held a low-risk of 5.

He noted there was no strong evidence to diagnose him with anti-social personality disorder or pedophilia. McClung said Grussendorf had family support, was able to hold a job as a commercial fisherman, did not have a drug problem and has good influences in his life. He said in his opinion Mr. Grussendorf was a low-risk to re-offend. McClung said there has not been a lot of research into sexting. He admitted that a ificant of high school youths engage in that activity. He said many of the sexting allegations involved flirty behavior, some with girls close to Grussendorf's age. He said the longer a sex-offender is out in the community and does not re-offend, the lower the risk of re-offending.

Prosecutors contend Grussendorf took part in grooming activity of young girls. They allege he tried to have some kind of sexual contact with six children. They also expressed concerns about the lack of research into the impacts of sexting in relation to how that might impact risk-assessment.

Sexting on this Juneau Alaska night

Grussendorf, 24, was originally indicted on 40 charges that included possession of child pornography, nine counts of sexual abuse of a minor, and one count of attempted sexual abuse of a minor. The pornography allegations involved possession of inappropriate pictures on his computer of someone under 18 and 25 counts of felony indecent viewing of photography of someone under The prosecution dismissed allegations of sexual abuse of the year-old and other charges last year.

Grussendorf pled guilty to two counts of sexual abuse of a minor in the second degree at a court appearance last October The presumptive term of imprisonment for each count was between five and 15 years.

Sexting on this Juneau Alaska night

The minimum sentence was three years in prison and 10 years of probation. Paige said according to law a year-old can not consent to sexual contact. Grussendorf and these victims could not be consensual. A year-old girl can't know the impact it will have on her. She said these sexting type crimes are becoming more prevalent in the country. She said many result in probation sentences and that has discouraged some victims from coming forward. Paige admitted Grussendorf has many things that work to his advantage like his family, and his job skills. Many offenders who come to court have no one behind them.

They are serious crimes of violence against children. She said Grussendorf targeted children for sexual exchanges, child pornography and ultimately sexual abuse. She said there were nine different charges in the case. Cashion lobbied for suspended time and probation.

He said rehabilitation should be a primary goal in this case. He said Mr. Grussendorf is remorseful and accepts responsibility. He has been ostracized in the community. Grussendorf read a statement to the court. I am sorry for the impacts on the lives of my victims. My actions were wrong and criminal. It is my responsibility to commit to change in the future.

I will not disappoint you. Grussendorf said he no longer is a high school kid, has worked hard to further his education and expanded his fishing career. He said he has not broken any rules while out on bail. He added he will attend treatment ordered by the court. I wish to take full responsibility so I can move forward with my life," he added.

Judge Philip Pallenberg said Alaska has the highest rate of sex offenses in the country.

Sexting on this Juneau Alaska night

He said he is not sure if cell phones are leading to more of these types of crime. He said the cell phone images were grooming behavior.

Sexting on this Juneau Alaska night

He noted the victim suffered harm that will affect their ability to trust and to form healthy relationships. We thought of Juneau as a safe place. These kinds of crime erode that feeling of safety in Juneau," he added. Juneau, Alaska KINY - The final wrap-up of election came in Friday evening from the Anchorage Election Center, and show the leading candidates have maintained their positions up to this point.

JUNEAU, Alaska AP — A federal report aimed at improving aviation safety in Alaska recommends improvements in providing weather information to pilots and continued work to update maps with information on mountain passes, among other steps. AP — Two credit unions, one based on Washington and one in Alaska, say they are seeking regulatory approval of their intent to merge. Winds are Calm. The pressure is Sex abuse of sends man to prison.

Sexting on this Juneau Alaska night

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