Married women like big dick

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Here it is from our most popular commenter, that ever-present Anonymous. However, a common question is whether penis size matters and, if so, how. The average length of a penis has recently been reported at 5. estimates of 6. That 5. A smaller flaccid penis could become larger when erect than a larger flaccid penis. Which matters?

In adulthood, men care about their erect penis size because that contributes to greater confidence about their body and their ability to satisfy their mate. Almost every penis is big enough. The female vagina also expands when sexually aroused.

Married women like big dick

Obviously, the average 5. But these are averages, right? So what about the shorter penis and the longer vagina? Does size matter then? But only 0. Since only the first 2 to 3 inches of the vagina has nerve endings, length has little to do with pleasing a wife during intercourse. But are bigger penises better? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But some women report that kind of intensity is too much. Honestly, though, even those who have located the spot, can achieve penile contact with it, and enjoy that sensation, are not not likely to make that happen every time they have sex.

But I understood her point. Husbands with XL penises may need to be more careful with their wives, taking into how able she is to take in his full amount. What about thickness? Usually, when penis size is discussed, people are talking about length.

Married women like big dick

Specifically, when a penis is much thicker than usual, the wife may need greater lubrication and gentleness of entry so that her vagina can flex enough to take him in. Given the size of the vaginal opening and elasticity, a woman can feel and be stimulated by a penis of just about any thickness.

My answer: The size your husband is. You may need to figure out how to make it all work, though. If he is particularly big, you may need additional lubrication and for him to go slow and easy while you stretch to receive him. Try different things and see what feels good. No, seriously, I found out a few months ago that there is a condition called Oversized Male Genitalia. Its acronym is OMG — just what you might say if you saw one. But you do want to make him feel confident about his body and his ability to satisfy you.

Ask him to try something different so you can feel even more of him. However, I have personally never known a woman who said her guy was too small for her to feel sufficient pleasure. Does penis size matter? Yes, a little. Yes, we ladies can accomodate our husbands. I tell hubby since he is the only man to have had sex with me that I am a custom fit for him.

J, love this! As always, you make a sensitive subject fun. I agree with this whole post! That was not intentional, Julie. Over the years Lori and I have talked to a good many men and women who struggle because of his size — and in all but one of those cases the problem too much, not too little.

There is a difference between what a woman can accommodate and what is comfortable. Some women have problems with as little as seven inches. Girth is even more of an issue, as it can easily lead to discomfort during prolonged sex. If every husband woke up tomorrow with as much as he wants, the majority would find their wife unwilling to let them use it! They make it look like bigger is better, whether it is the penis or the breasts.

Funny, I find those types of men unattractive. Agreed, Paul.

Married women like big dick

As to discomfort, I really do think that going slow and positioning can help. How many women struggle with accepting this much length? Just take it slow and check with your wife as you go. Some positions may be more easy to manage than others. As you grow together in your married sex life, you will adapt to one another. Be patient, communicate, and show her your love. Blessings on your upcoming marriage! Saying a prayer for you two. Thank you!

God has used it to bring much shalom into my life, and your words may well be the last piece I need before marriage… Looking forward to tenderly loving my bride:. My wife and I waited until we were married before having sex. A few months before our wedding my insecurity was rising about our marriage bed. Like I said, dramatically insecure. After we were married and after some practice she got her first orgasm all my insecurities went away pretty quick. Thanks for sharing!

And here is another reason why waiting until marriage is awesome. It truly is how you use it, not the size, that provides the fulfilling part of the experience. Pun intenede. FYI, I persoanlly use Anon because I am just computer illiterate enough, or just plain too lazy, to go through the other protocols that would allow me to leave a name.

Plus, Google tracks enough of my life as is. Could be the same for others who use Anon. On other sights I use Dave 2. I do agree that penis length does not matter as much. Unfortunately, I have had sex with more than a few men just being honest. Sorry, but in my experience size does matter.

I have had better and more intense orgasms with men that had a very thick penis versus ones with narrow or small penises. As a man with a smaller than average member, I can tell you size does matter. It matters to the man. Confidence is crucial and this can be a handicap for a man especially when he has suffered in locker rooms, suffered by comparison, etc. We tend to believe that if the truth be told, a man with a large member and the confidence it brings is really a turn-on for women.

Married women like big dick

A smaller member takes that away. She has doubts — deep doubts — and he comes in loaded up with doubt. Now, yes…in the confines of a Christian marriage, this can go away. I trust Him completely. You can crush it or affirm it. Can you do a post on penis size?

Married women like big dick

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Married women like big dick

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