Looking for a role playing partner

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I have a week off before I start my new job and so I have a bit of free time to maybe pick up a few more writing partners and start something new! My name is Anna, I'm I don't mind what timezone you're in or your irl gender, but I am only looking for partners that are 18 or older.

I also prefer writing on discord but I'm willing to write on reddit or Google docs as well! What I'm looking for plot wise is alot of drama and romance. I'm a sucker for complicated relationships and a slow burn and would love to write those things in any sort of setting! I do prefer FxM pairings for the main pairing but I'm willing to discuss that as well! I will however be playing a female character as my main as I'm not really that comfortable writing men as anything more than side characters. I really love building a story together so if you have any ideas that you've been intching to try please come to me and we can try and work something out together.

There are however a few ideas that I've recently really wanted to write. The first is werewolves. I know that's vague but I have been absolutely dying to write a werewolf romance. I think there's lots of different directions and settings we can take this idea as well. We could play it in a more modern fantasy setting with the wolf trying to hide or not hide from society.

Or we can go. More fantasy setting where werewolves are known and feared. I would prefer that your character be the werewolf but this is also up for discussion as I very briefly wrote a werewolf living alone in the woods on her own and I would be willing to write a similar character again. My second idea is based around a charcater I wrote for a roleplay someone asked me to write with them.

She is based off the Egyptian goddess Bast and is trying to live normally on earth as a recently fired art professor. I would really love to write her again so a plot to incorporate her would be great. This would be a more modern fantasy setting.

Totally up for discussion! I really can't wait to hear from you and hope that we can start writing soon! The sound of the heels of her shoes on the cold, dark tarmac were drowned in the noise the trains around here made as workers were too busy to take note of her. Her movements were resolute and yet graceful, aided by her long black coat that made her look almost like an autotharian figure among those around her.

The black locks of her hair were hid underneath a black beret, and her red lipstick on her well defined lips were the only bit of color on her. Most would consider her face to be a work of art, but something in her eyes made everyone realize that this woman was not here for entertainment, or even to be admired. She made her way through the docks and arrived at an old factory hall that had been unused for a couple of weeks as it was inbetween owners.

The cold concrete underneath was stained black at the spot where she flicked her gauloise cigarette onto before she stepped onto it and entered the hall in front of her. The inside was only lit by a single lamp hanging on a long cord from the ceiling, centered on a table with many papers and maps on. In front of this table stood a man, with his grey jacket thrown over a chair to the side of the table.

He turned around with a mischievous grin across his face, which was almost sharp, but not rough. His brown hair was loosely slicked back and almost a bit messy. He had taken off his tie and his white shirt was unbuttoned down to the third button. He had a cigarette behind one of his ears which almost fell off as he turned towards the woman that had entered. I go to great lengths to seem plausible I think.

Go to your place, read it through, destroy it, you know the drill. I'll meet you in the little Cafe by the corner at Uhm, what's it called again? Oh you know the Cafe I mean. The one with the good coffee. With the cigarette now between his index and middle finger he looked at her. I thought you French understood what it meant to live an exciting life.

Looking to rp in the world of the walking dead as the fear character althea, If this is something would be into please feel free to send me a dm or chat and we can get to coming up with a plot together. Looking for third person and detailed only! Also looking to keep themes generally on the dark side like the show s. I had an idea of a Roleplay involving my custom character and anyone else that either does or doesn't have a special character! DM me for info on my character.

I was thinking of a training program for a single solider to recreate a super soldier for a private sector military force, taking ups and downs throughout a month or two of a harsh program and the characters opening up and developing as people and soldiers over time. Hello all! Growing up I was fascinated by Lord of the Rings and other fantasy RPG type stories and I was hoping to re-create something like that as far as the world goes.

The plots can range from romance, to action, to mystery, or any mix of what we can come up with.

Looking for a role playing partner

I would like it to be for a longer RP so story lines can develop, and characters can grow, the action might not come right away. Just a laid back RP that we both can enjoy and be proud of. I have a wide cast of characters we can use for either a group dynamic or a one-on-one story.

OOC conversations are very much welcome as we can brainstorm ideas to develop characters and bounce ideas off each other as well as become friends hopefully. Hope to hear from you soon! Found the internet! Posts Wiki Resources. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Posted by Subreddit question? Modmail, please! Comments are locked Stickied post. Link to the Current Rules of the Subreddit. Mega Meta Post! Mega Meta Post VI! Posted by 5 hours ago.

Looking for a role playing partner

Let's write something together! Posted by 3 hours ago. Paris, Posted by 2 hours ago. F4M walking dead, althea dm or send a chat to rp. Howdy : I had an idea of a Roleplay involving my custom character and anyone else that either does or doesn't have a special character!

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Looking for a role playing partner

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Looking for a role playing partner

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Looking for a role playing partner

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