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Like some of the David Mamet movies based on his plays, this movie seems a little stagy. Yet, the acting, photography and editing are all superb. Regrettably, the movie is too mystical for most Christians and flirts with the occult despite a moral resolution. While many regions in America have their myths and legends, this movie places large credence in those myths, creating a lengthy scene which focuses on spirit possession. Thankfully, these spirits do not triumph, and personal courage overcomes the foes of fear and failure.

The play, about a failed deer hunter from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, won rave reviews, still frequently plays there and has also branched out to other stages across Michigan and even Sacramento, Calif. InNorthern Michigan filmmaker Rich Brauer, after having seen the play, recommended that Daniels translate the play into a movie for the big screen. With visions of starting a Michigan based film company, Daniels agreed, scouted locations throughout the state, even considered Canadian locations, and settled on filming entirely in Escanaba, Mich.

Daniels plays Reuben Soady, a year-old deer hunter who has never shot a deer. Bad omens continue to surface when the Chevy of another hunting buddy, Jimmer, bursts into flames on the way to camp. Nevertheless, for success, Reuben breaks deer camp tradition, drinks a nasty Native American potion his wife whips up and sprinkles himself with porcupine urine to mask his own scent.

The night before opening morning, the boys see strange lights, thinking it is a UFO. They also receive a visit from a very odd DNR Department of Natural Resources officer, who claims to have seen God a bright light on their property. Then, several of the camp members seem to become possessed by the spirit of a mythical beast said to dwell in that region. Awakened, Reuben rallies himself and runs out into the woods, ready to shoot his deer. While mainly motivated by his own courage, Reuben finally gets a little help when the ghost of his grandfather shows up to give a little more advice.

This movie, like some of the early David Mamet movies based on his plays, seems a little stagy, constrained and dialogue intensive. A great deal of the action takes place all within the walls of the deer camp. Also, while Daniels is clearly an accomplished actor and has a keen awareness of Northern Michigan ways, his direction is bound to the close-quartered action he has limited himself to in the story. The acting and performances are all on target, however, except the DNR officer, who seems a little too fey and forced to be a genuine Michigan character.

The photography and editing are superb given the limitations of the locations and action. This mish-mash of spirituality must be watched with caution and discernment. Other points to watch out for are several instances of scatological humor. Michigan citizens themselves take great pride in the beauty of their state that is primarily known for the Detroit area, but is, indeed, so much more.

Michigan, as all states, deserves films showcasing the best they have to offer. Only a tiny portion of our readers give. Thank you. Home Reviews Movies. None Light Moderate Heavy Language. A Michigan native, Daniels plays Reuben Soady, a year-old deer hunter in Northern Michigan who has never shot a deer. Determined to succeed, Reuben breaks drinks a nasty Native American potion, accepts a prayer his wife offers, and sprinkles himself with nasty smells to mask his own scent.

Complications ensue from a strange wildlife ranger, a possible encounter with God and threats of a mythical beast. There is also some scatological humor.

Fuck buddy Escanaba

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