Don t need Austin Texas

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A prominent, ambitious red-state governor, who had staked out a firm position opposed to mask mandates and other aggressive measures to combat the spread of Covidsuddenly found himself on the defensive as cases and hospitalizations soared in his state. First, it was Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. Now it is Gov. Greg Abbott of Texaswho is facing withering criticism as I. But Mr. Abbott remains firm in his refusal to enact any statewide mandate while he prohibits local officials from doing so in their own communities.

Don t need Austin Texas

In a statement, a spokeswoman for Mr. Despite his current hard line, Mr. Abbott has had varied approaches to the pandemic. His statewide restrictions, which he began enacting in March of last year, included limiting social gatherings to 10 people and closing some businesses such as gyms. Those that remained open operated at a limited capacity. Last July, as cases surged across the state, he enacted a mask mandate.

Don t need Austin Texas

The state lifted the mandates this past March, citing the presence of vaccines and its own projection that seven million people in the state would receive a shot by mid-March. But in the months since, with the Delta variant ripping apart optimistic projections around the country, coronavirus cases steadily climbed until the state reached its current status: more than 12, new cases a day on average, a percent increase within the last two weeks, and nearly 8, hospitalizations, according to a New York Times database.

The of coronavirus-related hospitalizations across the state is projected to climb to well over 15, by the end of August, according to the university model. Last month, in response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reversing its recommendation that the fully vaccinated did not need to wear a mask indoors in high-risk areasMr. Abbott doubled down in the opposite direction. He issued an executive order that prohibited local governments and state agencies from mandating vaccines, and reaffirmed decisions to prohibit local officials from mandating masks.

The governor also affirmed that schools could not enact mask mandates for students, a move that some public health experts think could lead to another surge in cases. Meyers said. The issue is both a public health problem and a political problem for Mr. Abbott has had to walk a challenging political path throughout the pandemic. Abbott was able to rebuild much of that support after lifting restrictions when Covid abated, Professor Jones said, but would risk once again causing friction with Republican primary voters if he reimposed regulations.

Abbott, who, like Mr. DeSantis, is said to have presidential ambitions of his own, sees something similar. The F. That group includes: vaccine recipients who are 65 or older or who live in long-term care facilities; adults who are at high risk of severe Covid because of an underlying medical condition; health care workers and others whose jobs put them at risk. People with weakened immune systems are eligible for a third dose of either Pfizer or Moderna four weeks after the second shot. A key advisory committee to the F. The same panel voted unanimously on Oct. The C. Pregnant women and current and former smokers are also eligible.

Postal Service workers; public transit workers; grocery store workers. It is not recommended.

Don t need Austin Texas

In Austin, local health officials approved recommendations that, among other things, urge fully vaccinated individuals to wear a mask and encourage partly and fully unvaccinated individuals to get fully vaccinated, stay home and avoid gatherings, unless an outing is unavoidable. Under Mr. In San Antonio, the virus is taking a toll on medical facilities as well. The seven-day average of new cases there is 1, with 1, Covid patients hospitalized and of them on ventilators, according to city data.

Adler and mayors in other Democratic-leaning metropolitan areas say the policies that Mr. Abbott and other Republican leaders are adopting against mandates are squashing the powers that local authorities have to deal with the virus. Adler said. Some officials are considering defying Mr. Wolff and county commissioners are looking for legal technicalities that would allow them to implement such a mandate in defiance of Mr. The mayor took the action last week after a two-week surge in the of municipal employees, including police and firefighters, who were sick with Covid.

Turner said Sunday. Who is eligible for a booster shot? What underlying medical conditions qualify for a booster shot? What occupations are eligible for boosters? Can I mix Covid vaccines?

Don t need Austin Texas

Can I get a flu shot at the same time as a Covid vaccine or booster shot?

Don t need Austin Texas

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