Any asainlatino ladies

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Answer — By first, diagnosing the problem and then applying the proper remedy. Why target black women? But a black man is viciously maligned if he criticizes a black woman in any way. For a black man to imply that a black woman is anything less than perfect is social suicide.

And a black man who dates interracial is also viciously maligned. A lot of what I say can be said for women of any race. BUT, the combination of these things make up black women. This is where the nonsense ends. I also expect ad hominem attacks. I know, I know…. Reason 1 — Superficiality and Unrealistic Preferences. No man in his right mind with a lot going for him will settle for the complete opposite. In other words, you want too much.

When I say that you ask for too much, that simply means that most of you are delusional. I blame the media, love novels, romance films, etc. There are even black woman who that are actively searching for a man to put them in a mansion so that she can be lazy and shop all day — all while claiming to be strong and independent.

Again, the byproduct of watching too much TV. Some black women will point out the fact that a few generations ago, women used to stay at home while the man worked and brought home the money. But allow me to deconstruct their position. Women today who claim they want to stay at home will not do any of those things. Only thing they want to do is sit on their butt and expect a man to take care of them.

Those are a completely different group of women. It is totally unrealistic to expect to be treated like a lady when you look and behave like a slut. But what else? That shows how blind the so-called successful black woman truly is. Just as the title said — you sought independence, now you have it. During the rise of feminism, black women embraced feminist views and turned their back on black men. Before this brainwashing occurred, the black family was well in tact…. In fact, black women often attack women who eat healthy and exercise regularly.

Any asainlatino ladies

But they wonder why the men of substance flock towards the physically fit woman instead of to the fluffy woman. Those men know that because of those factors, that fat women will most likely allow him to mooch off of her and do whatever else he desires. This is one of the most important factors of everything listed so far. They knew how hard it was for black men during those times, but they did everything they could to be supportive of their men. They allowed their men to lead, take charge and be the head of the household.

And you wonder why guys choose to date interracial. But for some reason, black women are convinced that NOT sticking around and putting up with their foolishness is a of weakness. Black women actually believe that it takes a real man to put up with their dysfunctional foolishness. A real man is gonna run away from you as fast as he can. Interestingly enough, they do this only with black men. That funky attitude is something they show only to black men.

Call it what you want, but no sensible person will deal with that. Respect others and treat them as you wish to be treated. Me being southern, being religious is a requirement if you want a southern black woman. Whether black women know it or not, that book the bible keeps them single. Let me digress and point something out. In my last point, I spoke of how black women seek to antagonize black men.

They claim to be so much into the bible despite never having read itbut they ignore the part of the bible which appoints the man asthe leader of the household. Extremely religious black women usually have a history of being very promiscuous and they almost always have multiple children out of wedlock by many different men. You know…the ones you see wearing dreadlocks, African clothing, selling spiritual products for a living, etc. Black women actually believe they deserve to be treated like royalty just for being a woman.

They fail to realize that respect is given based on who you are and what you do, not on your gender. I see many black women commit some of the most despicable acts, but they expect you to ignore what they do and respect them just for being a woman. And if you call them out on their nasty behavior, first thing they do is point to the fact your mother and the women in your family are black.

Browse through the photos and status updates of black females and I guarantee you that you will eventually stumble upon a photo meme or status update which goes on and on about what they believe a real man is supposed to do for a woman. And THAT is the insanity that is black women…they expect to always take and never give. Ladies and gentlemen, that is what we call a parasite. It is because of this phenomenon that we have so many weak, effeminate black men.

You know…the type of men that you single mothers are raising. As I correctly stated in the opening of this article…. You are to never imply that a black woman can be anything less than perfect. And those problems will persist until they are ready to accept to accept constructive criticism and quit blaming others for their problems.

When a black woman desires those qualities in a man, they usually go after white men or other non-black men, as if only non-black men are supposed to possess real man qualities. You most likely have to be the type of guy who seeks to live off of her, in and out of jail and so on. This final passage is going to tie into the.

They purposely choose the bad boys because they believe they can change him again, too much TV. She repeats this 3 more times with other guys. At this point, she has 4 kids with 4 different deadbeats as the fathers. That scenario also explains why black women are single parents.

For some odd reason, they actually take pride in being single parents. It happens everyday and it could be YOU. How many times has a nice guy had to resort to calling you a bitch or some other derogatory term just to get your attention?

Probably lots of times. Just go for Mr. Many women only claim to want a good guy because its the right thing to say — which is wrong because guys get hurt in the process. The good black men are tired of being a last resort and tired of being blamed for black women being single. In other words, good black man are groomed starting a very young age to settle for scraps. Conclusion: The only way to fix these issues is by first admitting that they exist and then working to correct them.

Growing up, I was made fun of pretty bad by black chicks for the fact that I enjoyed going to school and learning, speaking properly, dressing properly and not being a thug. I remember dating out of my race for the first time back in high school, and it blew my mind how great it was. She was vietnamese and she was legitimately awesome. Like Like. Single fathers tend to do better overall You probably always felt like an anomaly because your mind focused on the right things.

Normally, you see him loud, crass, bumpin Lil wayne on his forklift. I asked him what he was reading and when he explained it, my head exploded. And I apologized to him for assuming that he was just a bum-ass dude. So keep that in mind young bruh. If you want to date interracially go for it. You will find that you will not have all of the same complaints that some of the White guys here have either. No qualms about that either. Exactly, a good chunk of my friends that are black are guys who are extremely intelligent, but, they hide it to get the hoes.

When he could be in school and having a career doing that stuff. Of course, the notion of the grass being greener always comes into play when dating interracially. I have friends from other ethnicities who complain about their women as well with similar complaints to what black men complain about black women. The culture of black women is very tough on black men. I grew up in the church, and I remember that the girls were usually in pretty good shape, very attractive, had some kind of depth, and were well educated.

Any asainlatino ladies

As for how things are now? A good church girl? Pssh, do what makes YOU happy dude. Yes and all the welfare and babies??? Unwanted damn babies sucking up gov. In my Norcal home area there are almost no blacks and we are on this diversity trip where every non-meat-eating-non-white-male is much more attractive. Black guys seem to mop it up here like Obama is your homie or something. It must seem like paradise. Goddamn I really wanna move to NorCal. As a black guy living in the south this shit is true. Every single point you make is literally a bulls-eye.

Not in the world bro lol lol lol lol lol lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But its good that u upgraded way to go!!!!!

Any asainlatino ladies

This is very true. Then after I became successful, these same heifers wanted to be with me and of course take care of their. I ran and never looked back. Now I am engaged to a wonderful woman who is of Japanese descent and she brings so much more to the table than any white or black woman that I dated. I audit calls for a national insurance company, the black women i listen to, more often than not, I have to hold them for lacking empathy, lack of active listening.

The younger black girls, not so much. I go to church every Sunday. I would normally never hit on a chick from church. She had approach me multiple times for me to even go for it. You can be a church going man and still have the Red Pill, look at Dalrock. Fucking this. So much God damn this. And the part that kills me? But to be fair, most women do this. I approve this read.

Its one of the things that I had to deal in the US… african american girls just have a nasty attitude for no reason. Where are you from? A third world country? So who sucking the system now?

Any asainlatino ladies

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